Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications

AWS D17.1/AWS B2.1/BAC 5962D
Aerospace welders are highly trained and are required to be qualified under various aerospace and military standards. Previously Welder's Qualification tests were performed to the requirements of MIL-STD-1595A/AMS-STD-1595A. Currently they were replaced by AWS D17.1, since 2001. Weld Procedure Qualifications that may be required per AWS D17.1 are performed to the requirements of AWS B2.1.
Qualification tests are also performed to Boeing standard - BAC 5962D.
L I T Labs, Inc. will also certify to meet your requirements and process specifications of Fillet Welds and Groove Welds of all aerospace materials and alloys.
AWS D17.1
AWS B2.1
BAC 5962D