Tensile / Compression / Proof Load Testing

Tensile / Compression / Proof Load Testing

Tensile Testing

Tension tests are performed in accordance with ASTM E8, ASTM A370, ASTM B557 etc. A machined specimen is placed in the testing machine and force is applied. Extensometer of appropriate gage length is used to record the strain and to obtain stress-strain diagram and thereby determining the required offset yield strength. The stress obtained at the highest applied force is the Ultimate Tensile Strength(UTS). Elongation and reduction of area properties, are also calculated after fracture.  

Compression Testing

Compression testing is performed in accordance with ASTM E9

Proof Load

Fasteners, welded parts etc. may be subjected to Proof Load tests.  Specified proof load is applied on the fastener or a part with appropriate test fixtures for a fixed period of time. The fastener or the part is expected to sustain the proof load test, without any evidence of stripping or rupture or cracks.